Monday, August 25, 2014

California Oranges Giveaway Event!

california-oranges-button2 Welcome to the California Oranges Giveaway Event, hosted by Happy Mothering. During this giveaway, we'll be giving away a gift box filled with goodies valued at approximately $100!

This gift box will include:

Certified Organic Oranges

Orange_SmBag-01Tangerine Balsamic Vinegar


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bloggers Wanted: My Posh Media Giveaway

Blogger Giveaway Event Sign Up $100 Gift Card 9/7-28 Sign Ups End 9/4! Join me and for a $100 Giveaway FREE Links Available. Cohosts $10 What would you do with $100 to Sign up/information

The Popcorn Factory Back to School Giveaway

The Popcorn Factory Back to School Giveaway

Hosted By:
Is Pleased To Bring You 

  The Popcorn Factory Back to School Giveaway

3 - Winners

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is pleased to work with The Popcorn Factory to
bring you "The Popcorn Factory Back to School Giveaway". With School just
around the corner we all know how much a care package to our Children that
are away at College means to them. And a care package filled with snacks from
The Popcorn Factory will defiantly put a smile on their face. Three lucky winners
will each receive a 2-Gallon University of Snacks Assortment.

The Popcorn Factory is the industry leader when it comes to providing us with 
fresh and delicious delicious snacks. Three lucky winners will receive a University
of Snacks 2-Gallon Tin filled with a selection of snacks and popcorn. Each tin will
contain a mix of gourmet popcorn and tasty treats, Cheese Popcorn, White Chedar
Popcorn, Jalapeno Popcorn, Caramel Popcorn, Mini Pretzels, Sour Gummi Bears,
Jelly Belly Beans, Red Licorice, Honey Roasted Peanuts and Soft Baked Chocolate
Chunk Cookies.

University of Snacks 2-Gallon Snack Assortment

 Stop by The Popcorn Factory's Website Today and Check out all their great
selection of Popcorn and Snacks.

 Follow Them on Social Media as well on 

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

 This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated or associated with Facebook,
Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site. This giveaway is valid in
the Continental United States only. This giveaway will end at 12:00 AM (EST)

Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any form of compensation for
this giveaway. The Popcorn Factory will be responsible for the awarding and
shipping of the prizes directly to each winner.

The Harry Potter audiobooks Giveaway

pottermoregive   As Holiday season kicks into high gear, and families are spending more time together, it’s a perfect time to listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks. The audio version of the classic Harry Potter series lets you listen wherever and whenever you want. The Harry Potter audiobooks encourage families to come together, listen to the amazing Harry Potter stories, and discuss among themselves what they love best, which character they relate to, what they would do if they were a wizard, and so forth. As part of the #HearHarryPotter campaign, three of my lucky readers will win a complimentary download of one Harry Potter audiobook, to share with their family during the listening opportunities that present themselves: perhaps it’s nightly story time, or maybe you will be road-tripping to see friends and family. Each book is roughly 7-8 hours in duration, and you can download each one to eight different devices. The Harry Potter audiobooks are available only through JK Rowling’s the shops at This Holiday Season, #HearHarryPotter and tweet or post about your listening experience! This event is   Hosted by: Sponsored by: Dates: 8/18-9/1 3 winners will win ONE audio book each.   a Rafflecopter giveaway   disclaimer.jpg

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blogger Opportunity - Green Your Family Giveaway


Bloggers needed to help spread the word about this giveaway!

If you have anything that you want to include in this giveaway please email: las930 at charter dot net.

Total Value: $300 +

Sponsors so Far: Glass Dharma Block Island Organics Faucet Face Mia Mariu's blu apple $50 GC

Total Value: $230

There will be 3 winners.

1st prize Glass Dharma $25 gift certificate Block Island Organics - 1 each of spf15 & sunburn rel Faucet Face - choice of 1 bottle Mia Mariu's Skin Nourishing Oil

Little Sun Solar Lamp

Squeasy Snacker

2nd prize Colortime recycled tote and markers 1 set of 2 Blu Apples

Squeasy Snacker

3rd Prize 1 set of 2 Blu Apples

Squeasy Snacker

I will give 2 free links with posting of this Bloggers Opportunity HERE.


Bloggers Wanted: Giveaway Begins 8/25

California Oranges Giveaway Event Chrystal Johnson from Happy Mothering just notified me of an exciting Green Moms Media giveaway event for a gift box valued at $100. The last time they did a giveaway for them, they had over 1400 unique entrants! All bloggers who sign up to participate in the giveaway event will get one link FREE Twitter link. Bloggers with more than 15,000 Facebook fans will receive an additional Facebook link! You may add one additional link for $5 by sending the money to Options include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin and Email. We ask that you post the HTML and Rafflecopter to your blog, and promote the event at least 3 times per week on Facebook, Twitter or the social media outlet of your choice.

This event will run August 25 to September 21, 2014. Open to US only.

You can grab the announcement post here and if you would like to add the banner to the sidebar of your blog, you can grab that code here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The cellphone case you need

Have you done your shopping for Father’s Day yet? If not, then I suggest you check out this awesome selection of monogrammed and custom iphone and samsung galaxy cases. Since my dad just upgraded to a new version of Samsung Galaxy, it gave me an idea of giving him a new samsung galaxy case that he can use. As you can see here in the picture below, I love the monogramed with black and white prints.

For sure my dad will be very delighted having a high quality case with his personalized initials on it. After shopping for my dad’s case, I just can’t stop browsing for more and thinking of getting one for me. I never had a customized case and this would be a perfect time for me to get one, especially now that I just upgraded my old iPhone to 5s. Now, I’m all excited and can’t wait to show this awesome place to my hubby.

Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Elements you need to hold an awesome party

We’ve all been there, that terrifying moment when you’re planning a party and that tiny little voice whispers doubts in the back of your head, ‘what if it’s a disaster? What if nobody comes? This HAS to be the best party ever.!’ Luckily, the guys at are here to help. There is no single great secret to a successful party, the key is in the smaller details, the ones that come together to create a fantastic night that people will be talking about forever. To ensure your party is a roaring success, there are just 5 elements that you need to cover.


They key to having great music at your party is to cater to the wants and needs of your guests. If you hire a four person string quartet for your daughters sweet 16th, there’s going to be trouble, and vice versa if you enlist that heavy metal rock band for Grandma’s 80th. Issues like a skipping playlist or a stale audio track can be avoided by hiring an appropriate band or DJ to keep the crowd content and comfortable.


“Oh remember that great party that had the rusty fridge with the warm beers? What a great party” said no one ever. Drinks are an important contributor to party success, to avoid embarrassment you should offer a variety and don’t be afraid to mix things up. Things like ‘Make your own’ cocktail tables or slushie daiquiri machines behind the bar are sure to keep the beverage aspect of your party fun and interesting. Though if you’re busy bartending or running around with trays, you yourself are going to miss all the fun! Hiring bartenders or wait staff is a great way to ensure everyone is well watered as you enjoy your guests.


If you’re looking to give your party that extra kick, a bit of entertainment never goes astray. Suitable for a corporate work parties, birthdays, or any kind of celebration, a memorable display of Fire Dancers, Fire Eaters, Burlesque performers or Serpent Dancers will leave guests in awe and ensure your party is the talk of the town. If you’re after something a little subtler, a photo booth is also a creative and fun way for guests to entertain themselves and leave with fond memories and a free souvenir.


Whether its light finger food or a sit down dinner, planning a menu for your party can be stressful. Just remember to provide food that is suitable to the party atmosphere, won’t cause any social gaffes and keep in mind factors such as vegetarian options and nut allergies. Of course having the party catered is a convenient and stress-free option, while fairy floss machines and chocolate fountains are great to keep in mind for kids parties.


With the right décor, your party can provide a fantastic atmosphere for guests and set the tone for the entire event. Decide on location, allocate the different areas of the party and choose an appropriate theme and or colour scheme and go from there. However, besides the aesthetics, the décor also needs to incorporate practical factors such as sufficient seating and ensuring the set up is suitable for the temperature or weather forecasts. Once the streamers are pinned and the napkins folded, sit back, relax and enjoy the fiesta!