Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Must Have For Your Snacking Needs

If your family loves munching on bowls full of buttery and salty popcorn, a whirley pop popcorn set is a must have for your snacking needs. Shop for traditional stove top popcorn makers online on Browse for items including stove top popcorn poppers which you can use on either gas or electric stoves. These popcorn makers include a cover with lid to keep the kernels inside while popping, as well as a long handle to help keep your hands safely away from the heat. You operate the whirley pop gizmo by turning a handle which turns the interior crank, helping ensure that your popcorn kernels pop without burning. You can add various flavorings to your popcorn which are also for sale on this website. Choose from a variety of items such as cheese lovers, movie theater butter, or sweet caramel seasoning. You can also purchase traditional liquid movie theater butter topping to drizzle on top of your warm, freshly popped popcorn. If you need to get a wedding or birthday present for a friend or family member who loves popcorn, you can get the whirley pop in a gift set complete with popping corn and condiments, all packaged together in a nice box for shipping. You can also get accessories including paper popcorn boxes for serving, as well as cardboard popcorn tubs.

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  1. a fun snack to enjoy peace and quite for a while.. while children stuff their mouths with popcorn.