Monday, July 1, 2013

Brooklyn Water Works

If you are going to dig in New York, you must take your time and make sure that the job gets done the right way. There are many safety concerns that have to be addressed. Below are two of the most important things that you need to look for before you dig, either by checking with the utility companies or checking with the city planners. First, you need to look for a Brooklyn water main to ensure that a pipe is not running right through area where you want to dig. A backhoe or an earth-mover will tear right through that pipe like it is not there. Water will begin gushing out of it, unchecked. This is very hard to fix once the damage is done since the hole will quickly flood, and the water will have to be turned off. The entire repair job is lengthy and expensive. Similarly, you need to check to make sure that there are not any electrical lines running through the same area. In rural places, lines are strung on poles so that they are clearly visible. In the city, though, they are often run underground. You or your crew could actually be injured if you cut into the lines and expose a live wire. You could also damage your equipment and cut off power to the homes or other buildings being serviced by that line. Do not take a chance and hope that nothing goes wrong. Always check everything over before you dig.

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